Latest Infinix Phones and Prices in Nigeria 2019
Outlined below, are the latest Infinix phones and prices in Nigeria. This is not the list all infinix phones i.e. It’s only the most trending smartphones from the Chinese-based smartphone manufacturer, Infinix and they have been segmented into cheap, midrange, and expensive classes. If you’re not ready to spend a whole lot to purchase your… (0 comment)

Nokia 8 Specs and Price in 2019
The Nokia 8 price in Nigeria as specified on Jumia ranges between ₦79,900 to ₦190,000. See Lowest Price on Jumia This Android phone’s price was culled from the e-Commerce site on 23 December 2018 and as such, it may have slight changes given the time and season. Most sellers of this smartphone are offering its 4GB RAM… (0 comment)

Itel P51 Specs and Price in 2019
The Itel P51 specifications, features, and price and that of other smartphones from this brand have shown that Itel is also a contender in the household of smartphones. They may not be one of the most popular brands out there like Gionee, Infinix, Tecno, and Redmi, but that does not mean that they have no… (0 comment)

Infinix Zero 4 Plus Specs and Price in 2019
The Infinix Zero 4 Plus specifications, features, and price have all gotten the attention of mobile phone enthusiasts. It’s one of those phones you secretly admire even though you know very little about its specs. This is because its royalty look is enough to get a person’s attention. But then, would you dish out your hard… (0 comment)

Tecno Y2 Specs and Price in 2019
A quick look at the Tecno Y2 full specifications and price tells a lot about this smartphone. You may not have used it before, but its specs sheet can help you determine what it has to offer. Is it a high-level performance that is out of this world, or something that is considered acceptable when… (0 comment)

Tecno WX3 Specs and Price in 2019
You’ll find a review of the Tecno WX3 specifications, features and price outlined in this post, and it’ll help you determine its level of performance and your purchasing power. It is one of the unpopular smartphones from Tecno, that’s why you’ll hardly hear of its impressive features. But does that mean it has none? Read… (0 comment)

Tecno L8 Specs and Price in 2019
What do you know about the Tecno L8 specifications, features, and price? We’re guessing very little asides from its large battery capacity and long battery long life which you may have heard of. While this is entirely true, there are several other reasons to back up this smartphone’s popularity in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. Therefore our… (0 comment)

Tecno Spark K9 Specs and Price in 2019
Here’s a review of the Tecno Spark K9 Plus specification, features, and price in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya. Our aim is to enable you to make informed decisions about this smartphone; if it is good, worth the extra attention, and most importantly, worth every dime of your money. Where to Buy Tecno Spark K9 in Nigeria… (0 comment)

Tecno L9 Plus Specs and Price in 2019
The Tecno L9 Plus specifications, features, and price are the major reasons why this smartphone is popular among mobile enthusiasts in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya. If you check reputable online stores like Jumia, Alieexpress, and Konga,  you’ll notice the high demand for this product and the number of sales it has gotten. The reason cannot… (0 comment)