Gionee M6 Mirror Specs and Price in 2019

The Gionee M6 Mirror specifications, features, and price are all you need to get started on your next potential smartphone.

It can help you decide if this is a device you want to settle with for the next couple of months and if it’s actually worth your hard earned money.

Moreover, whether you’re in Nigeria, Ghana, or Kenya, you’ll find it useful to know its current price in Slot, Jumia, Konga, Jiji and other retail stores.

So, work with us and we’ll give you a full review which outlines the advantages and the disadvantages of the Gionee M6 Mirror.

Where to Buy Gionee M6 Mirror in Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria – See Lowest Price

The M6 Mirror is the latest member of Gionee’s Marathon Series which also features the trendy M5 that made the headlines in 2016.

This is a series that boasts of some of the largest battery in a smartphone and sets the pace for other manufacturers like Infinix and Tecno to step up the battery capacities of their smartphone.

The Mirror which was released in 2017,  is a lower variant of the original M6. It seeks to offer high-end features but at a more affordable price.

Think of it as a smartphone that can offer almost the same level of performance of the M6, but costs almost half the price.

We’ve even had a lot of people try to the compare Gionee M6 Mirror and S6S given that they are in the same price range and pack similar specifications.

If that sounds good, then let’s show you what you stand to gain from choosing the Mirror out of three other options which are Gionee M6, Gionee M6 Plus, and Gionee M6 Mini.

Gionee M6 Mirror Availability

Gionee M6 Mirror

The Gionee M6 Mirror is available in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and several other African countries.

It is offered for sale at Jumia, Konga, and Jiji online stores as well as an offline Store like Slot. Therefore, you can check these stores to get the cheapest price for the smartphone.

Check Lowest Price on Jumia

It is also worthy to note that this is one of the few Chinese smartphone brands that is reviewed by GSMarena and as a result, you can purchase it in other continents.

Overview of  the Gionee M6 Mirror Features

Here’s a quick overview of the major features of this smartphone:

  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Battery: 3150 mAh
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE
  • Security: Fingerprint Sensor
  • Screen size: 5.5-inch AMOLED Display
  • Operating System: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)
  • Screen Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels (401PPI)
  • Processor: 1.5GHz quad-core Processor
  • Camera: 8MP Front Camera and 13MP Rear Camera

Gionee M6 Mirror Full Phone Review

Our Gionee M6 Mirror full phone review seeks to outline the pros and cons of this smartphone.

It won’t all be bed and roses, so you can watch out for its limitations and come to appreciate its capabilities.

You can then use these details to compare it with other smartphones in the same range to know if it’s an actual letdown or an applaudable device.


Gionee M6 Mirror pictures

The Gionee M6 Mirror features a 5.5inch display with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

What this means is that the picture on the phone’s screen will be comparable to what you see in real life.

And that is vivid, crisp, and clear text and images which is the case of the original model, M6.

We’ll tell you why.

The screen is not overly large and its resolution is high. As a consequence, the image representation will be impressive.

The downside to the high resolution of this moderate screen is that battery power will tend to drain at a faster speed and one can only hope that the processor can ensure minimal power usage.

The phone, on the other hand, can be handled with ease. You can type with one hand and slide into a pocket thanks to its portability.

There’s also a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which serves to protect the screen from scratches. This glass gives it the strength to withstand the inevitable falls it will undergo.

Therefore, if the phone slips from your hand or mistakenly slides from a table, it’ll still be intact.

But then, the more impacts on the screen, the weaker it’ll be and at some point, it’ll just have to give in to the course of nature.

Check Lowest Price on Jumia


The M6 Mirror’s dimensions are 152 x 75.3 x 8.2 mm (Height x Width x Thickness) and its weight is 180 g.

As such, it is neither too big nor too small and it’s a size most people would want to deal with.

This smartphone gains its name from its reflective back cover that shows the image of the person viewing it.

The cover is not just there to give you something to admire yourself occasionally, but it gives the device a unique and premium look, as well as a sleek feel.

You can also look forward to its aluminum build which speaks highly of its level of durability.

Most high-end smartphones feature this type of design and here’s a mid-range device also boasting of one to ensure its quality.

The edges of this phone are round which allows it to sit comfortably in your palm as you type and prevents it from sliding off easily.

Take a pick among its range of colors which are Black, White, Gold and you’ll be a proud owner of this smartphone.


Powering this smartphone and enabling it to carry out simple and complex operations, is a quad-core MediaTek processor, whose speed is 1.5GHz.

At that speed, it is not one of the fastest processors out there, but it can still perform seamlessly.

Considering its price, we won’t say that the speed is a disadvantage because we’ll be biased to compare it with other smartphones that are offered at a higher price.

The Mirror’s RAM of 3GB can aid in multitasking. Here, you can open more than one application at the same time, listen to songs, surf the internet, and a whole lot of things without the phone hanging or lagging.

This is a problem that is usually faced by smartphones which feature a smaller RAM.

There’s also a 16GB inbuilt storage which is quite disappointing for a smartphone of this nature.

Users were expecting something around 32GB given that the M6 has a 64GB storage and there are cheaper smartphones that also have the 16GB space.

It appears that Gionee had something to make up for it since the Mirror can support a microSD card up to 128GB.

Now that’s a whole lot!

Yet still, it would’ve been better if users could get a smartphone with a larger storage to avoid the additional expenses of acquiring a microSD.

Take the Gionee M5 plus for instance with a 64GB storage which eliminates the need for an average user to buy a memory card.


The M6 Mirror runs on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow and you shouldn’t fret since you can update it to one of the latest Android version.

In that regard, you can consider upgrading the OS to the Nougat or Oreo in order to get a higher level of performance.

This smartphone also uses the Gionee’s custom user interface Amigo 3.5 which is said to be user-friendly.

If you’ve been using Android smartphones for some years or months now, then you should be able to operate the Gionee’s interface with ease because there’s really no significant difference between it and others like Tecno, Infinix etc.


The Gionee M6 Mirror camera is not a letdown given that it has been well optimized to produce images whose quality are remarkable.

What you get, is a rear camera with a resolution of 13MP and a front camera whose resolution is 8MP.

These are quite high and will ensure that your pictures are of great quality.

We’ve also taken into consideration the fact that the number represented in a camera’s resolution does not entirely determine its ability to produce great photos, but the same cannot be said about the Mirror.

Its images are impressive!

Other camera features that aid its productivity include autofocus, Geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, panorama, and Dual LED flash.

These camera specs of the Mirror are similar to that of the M6.


The Gionee M6 Mirror battery capacity is 3150mAh and it is not something to be entirely excited about.

For starters, the phone’s display has a high resolution which demands high power usage.

Also, people’s mindset built for a smartphone with a very large battery capacity when it comes to the Marathon series and when that’s not so, a lot can go wrong.

We’ve found a 6020mAh battery on the M6 Plus, 5000mAh on the M6, and 4000mAh on the M6 Mini, which makes that of the Mirror a bit disappointing.

But hey, it’s still large enough to stay powered throughout the day especially if you tend not to operate your phone every single hour of the day.

While its good not to judge just by numbers, Gionee already knows the marketing strategy that we’ll jump right in for a device if its battery value looks good.

That’s why we’re wondering what they were driving at here.


Two SIMs can be used at the same time on the Gionee M6 Mirror.

This ensures that you don’t have to rely on the same space used for its memory card for a second SIM which is something some users find unappealing.

This is a 4G LTE smartphone that promises faster browsing and download speeds once you’re in an environment with full 4G network coverage.

It is comforting to know that while the Mirror 6 has not held up to the large battery capacity of other devices in the Marathon series, it has maintained their IR sensor.

This will enable you to control other electrical devices such as fridges, TVs, Washing machine etc. using this smartphone.

Other connectivity options you’ll find include Infra-red, Bluetooth,  micro USB port, and WiFi. Its sensors are  Proximity, Accelerometer, and Compass.

Oh lest we forget, there is a fingerprint sensor on this smartphone.

That being so, you can do away with pattern, pins, passwords, as well as third-party applications to lock the phone and prevent unauthorized access to your stored content.

Gionee M6 Mirror Price

The Gionee M6 Price in Nigeria ranges between ₦56,000 and ₦75,000 and this price will definitely vary depending on where you buy it and when.

But at the time of this post’s publication, this is the latest price.

On the other hand, if you’re in Kenya, you can purchase this smartphone at a price that is less than KSh 19,999. This is because the M6’s price ranges between KSh 19,999 and KSh 24,999.

The Gionee M6 Mirror price in Ghana is less than GHS 2,250.


Our full review of the Gionee M6 Mirror specifications ensures that you do not settle for this phone based on hearsay and other people’s opinion.

You get to decide for yourself judging from the pros and cons which we have outlined.

Nevertheless, comparing its price with its specs sheet, we can say that this is a remarkable device.

It may not have met our expectations in the area of storage and battery, however, there are so much more to look forward to.

These are its high-resolution display, toughened screen, great cameras, biometric security, as well as its IRS sensor.

This and many more make the Gionee M6 Mirror a better choice among several others in its price range.

Gionee M6 Mirror Full Phone Specification


Size: 5.5-inch

Type: AMOLED Display

Pixels Density: 401 PPI

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels

Screen Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3


Weight: 180 g

Dimension: 152 x 75.3 x 8.2 mm

Colors: Black, White, Gold



Built-in Storage: 16 GB

External Memory: Yes, up to 128 GB


GPU: –

OS: Amigo 3.5 based on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)

Processor: 1.5GHz Quad-Core MediaTek Processor


Front: 8 MP

Rear: 13MP Camera, 1080p HD Video

Features: Autofocus, Face detection, Panorama, Touch to focus, Geo-tagging,  HDR, LED flash


Built-in: Yes

Talktime: –

Standby Time: –

Capacity: 3150 mAh Li-po Battery




HSPA+: Yes

4G LTE: Yes,


Wi-Fi Hotspot: Yes

WLAN: Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n


Infrared Blaster: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth 4.0

FM Radio: Yes

3.5mm Jack: Yes

USB Port: Yes USB 2.0, USB on the Go

Dust Resistant: No

Water Resistant: No

Wireless Charging: No

SIM Type: Micro-SIM

SIM Count: Dual SIM, Dual Standby


Gyroscope: No

Light Sensor: Yes

Accelerometer: Yes

Digital Compass: Yes

Proximity Sensor: Yes

Fingerprint Scanner: Yes

Check Lowest Price on Jumia

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We hope this post on Gionee M6 Mirror helps you make a good decision.

Tecno Spark K7 Specs and Price in 2019

A review of the Tecno Spark K7 specifications and its current price in Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana will give you an insight into the capabilities of this smartphone.

Therefore, you won’t have to rely only on the opinion of your friends and colleagues who may be the current users of this Android phone.

Where to Buy Tecno Spark K7 in Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria – See Lowest Price

So, is Tecno Spark K7 a good phone and can it give you a run for your money?

Read on to find out!

The Tecno Spark K7 is a member of the Spark series reputably known to hold Tecno’s camera-centric smartphones.

You can think of it as the Camon series which features the Camon C7 and C8 whose cameras as at 2016, were a force to reckon with.

They spoke of good image reproduction and that’s what the Spark Series is also boasting of.

Now, the K7 was launched with an older variant called the K9 (Spark Plus) instead of a K7 Plus, and at the time of their launch, they were the only members of this series that has now welcomed the Spark 2 (Spark Pro).

This is a similar scenario with the iPhone 8 which was launched with the iPhone X instead of an 8 plus as would’ve been expected.

The Tecno Spark K7 features such as its cameras, battery, display resolution, connectivity, RAM size, and expandable memory storage classifies it as a midrange device which people have compared it to the Infinix hot 4 and 5 lite.

It is also worthy to note that the Spark has been moderately priced to keep it within a range that is affordable to an ordinary user of a smartphone.

So, let’s show you what this smartphone offers and why its Hong-kong based manufacturer has put in so much effort into its promotion.

Tecno Spark K7 Availability

Tecno Spark K7

The Tecno Spark K7 is available in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, and other African countries.

In Nigeria, you can buy this smartphone from Jumia, Slot, and Jiji. You can also pick it up from offline stores in Lagos, Abuja, and other cities.

People in other countries can visit eBay, Jumia, Konga, as well as offline retail stores in their region.

Check Lowest Price on Jumia

Walk into any local store in your area and we’re sure you’ll be able to lay your hands on this model of the Spark due to the fact that its production has not been discontinued.

Overview of  the Tecno Spark K7 Features

Here’s a quick overview of the major features of this smartphone:

  • RAM: 1/2GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Battery: 3000 mAh
  • Connectivity: 3G  Data
  • Security: Fingerprint Sensor
  • Screen size: 5.5-inch IPS Display
  • Operating System: Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Screen Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels (267PPI)
  • Processor: 1.3Ghz Octa-core MediaTek Processor
  • Camera: 5MP Front Camera and 13MP Rear Camera

Tecno Spark K7 Full Phone Review

Our Tecno Spark K7 full phone review outlines the pros and cons of this smartphone. It translates into an unbiased review that prepares you for whatever the phone may throw your way when you finally buy it.

We’ve narrowed down to the basic features that will determine its level of operation and that’s what you should focus on as well.

So, let’s dive in!


Tecno Spark K7 specs

The Tecno Spark K7 display measures 5.5 inch which gives it a moderate size.

You don’t like your phones too big or too small, then you may have to give this smartphone much consideration.

At 5.5, you can operate it single-handedly, slide into a wallet or pocket, and move around with it easily.

The screen’s resolution is 1280 x 720 pixels which is quite low, but given that this screen is not too large, this should not be a problem.

The reason is, a larger screen around 6.0 inch or so will definitely need to pack in more resolution to ensure that the text and images you see are of great quality.

Bumping up the resolution on a 5.5-inch screen might just be a waste of the battery. This is because the screen will need more battery power to display at a higher resolution.

The K7’s screen can be read from even if you’re under the sun because it has 450 nits of brightness.

Therefore, you won’t have to shade the screen to make out its content while outdoors. Increase its brightness and you’re good to go.


Tecno Spark K7 specs

The Spark has a plastic build which has the advantage of allowing heat to be absorbed without you feeling it on your fingers easily.

Hey, we’re not saying the phone tends to overheat but let’s be realistic, if you’re going to chat on Facebook, Whatsapp or Instagram or play games for hours unending, then it’s only natural for a lot of heat to be produced.

A downside to this plastic build is that it makes the phone’s durability questionable.

Metallic back covers are known to last longer because they are not susceptible to cracks if the device falls. The same cannot be said for a plastic back cover.

Asides that, this phone has curved edges to make it sit comfortably in your palm as you operate it and give you that impression that you’re using another model of the iPhone 6,7, or 8.

The edge makes it easy to find a protective casing for the phone or even try on a flip cover.

You can find the Tecno spark k7 in colors red, Phantom Black, Champagne Gold, and Coral Blue.

So, take a pick to match your fashion and style.

Check Lowest Price on Jumia


The Spark is available in two variants which feature a RAM size of 1GB and 2GB respectively.

The first complain you’ll hear from using a RAM that is 1GB in 2018, is that the device lags or hangs occasionally.

You can’t really blame the phone because it hasn’t been built to handle the memory intensive tasks you’re putting on it.

That is why we recommend that if you’re going to buy the Spark, you should settle for the 2GB variant.

Why is that?

You’ll open more web pages as you browse without them closing on their own accord.

You will also be able to launch many applications and games at the same time, thanks to the multitasking capability of a RAM of this size.

Go for the 1GB variant if all you’ll do is take photos, chat, and make video calls. But if you’re all out for a good gaming and web browsing experience which will also be stress-free, take our suggestion very seriously.

On the K7, you can store your pictures, songs, videos, apps, games, and other files in an inbuilt storage whose capacity is 16GB.

16GB is quite small, but considering the price at which this phone is offered, then this is not bad at all. There’s even an expandable storage to enable you to insert a memory card whose size is up to 32GB.

Therefore, there’s really no issue when it comes to the device’s memory storage.


The K7 is powered by a 1.3 GHz Quad-core MediaTek processor which acts as the brain of the phone.

Your ability to take pictures, watch movies, carry out mathematical calculations, play games and perform several other operations will be determined by this CPU.

In our opinion, this is a processor that promises an acceptable level of performance.

We’ve reviewed phones like the Infinix Zero 5 pro with clocking a speed of 2.6GHz, however, they are not in this price range and so any phone you’ll like to compare with this smartphone, should be in its range.

For its operating system, the Spark runs on one of the latest Android OS, which is the 7.0 Nougat.

Given that the latest 8.0 Oreo has been rolled out for non-Google Smartphones (Pixel and Pixel XL), you may be able to update the OS to Oreo.


After all that has been said and done, it’s time to run a Tecno spark k7 camera test because this is a device whose manufacturer has promised great picture reproduction.

We’re definitely not disappointed after looking at its camera specs.

Here, a camera with a resolution of 13MP and 5MP has been embedded into the device’s rear and front respectively.

The front camera supports flash and has a wide aperture of F/2.0. It’ll tend to let in more light into the lens at that aperture, which means your pictures won’t look like you just walked out of the 19th century.

Inspecting the 5MP front camera which features a flash to enable you to take quality selfies in lowly lit areas, it also has a wide-angle of 83°.

It simply means that more people will be captured in group selfies and you can expect as many as three without each person being cropped out at the most compromising angle.


The Tecno spark k7 battery life will be about 2 days on minimal use and 1 day on a heavy use.

This is because the smartphone features a battery capacity of 3,000 mAh and has a moderate screen which will not drain so much battery power.

Remember, the Nougat has battery management capabilities to ensure that the battery is well utilized.

It’ll allow you to turn on its power saving features in order to bring about minimal use of energy especially when the smartphone is not in use.

Play your games, watch your movies, surf the net, and you’ll be assured that you won’t run out of battery power easily.


The Spark K7 allows you to use two SIM cards at the same time. You’ll find two slots at the device’s rear hence, you don’t have to rely on the same slot used for its MicroSD card.

You may be looking out for a 4G connectivity option on this phone, but it looks like Tecno Mobility has not made plans for it on this variant of the Spark.

Accordingly, you’ll have to rely on the 2G and 3G networks which the phone supports.

Other connectivity options include Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS, and WCDMA

Many have wondered, does Tecno Spark k7 have a fingerprint? Yes, it does!

To enhance the security of the smartphone, there is a rear-embedded fingerprint sensor.

Accordingly, you don’t have to rely on only passwords and pattern to unlock the phone because this biometric feature adds one more level of security.

Did you know that you can also use your fingerprint to take selfies? Just place your finger on the sensor and it’ll capture your image in less than a second.

And that’s not all!

You can use it to quickly answer phone calls.

Tecno Spark K7 Price

Are you wondering, “how much is the Tecno spark k7″ in other to ascertain your budget? Then its price in Nigeria is between ₦32,000 to ₦38,000.

The Tecno Spark K7 price in Ghana and Kenya is around 400 Ghana cedis and KSD 10,500 respectively.

This price will vary depending on the variant you opt for and that being so, the 2GB model will be more expensive.

You may find it exciting to know that you can find the London use or second hand of the K7 in some online and offline retail stores and as expected, it’ll be offered at a lesser price.


The Tecno K7 Spark Specifications and price categorize it as a midrange and a competitive smartphone.

For its display, quality cameras, and large battery capacity it is an admirable device.

It is also comforting to know that one can get the smartphone in a variant whose RAM has been stepped up to provide a higher level of multitasking.

Looking for a smartphone that won’t take a lot of cash from your wallet and one that can offer you an impressive level of performance, then the Spark K7 would be a good choice.

Tecno Spark K7 Full Phone Specification


Size: 5.5-inch

Type: IPS Display

Pixels Density: 267 PPI

Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels

Screen Protection: No


Weight: –

Dimension: 153 x 76.4 x 7.9 mm

Colors: Champagne Gold, Phantom Black, Coral Blue, Metallic Red


RAM: 1 GB or 2GB

Built-in Storage: 16 GB

External Memory: Yes, up to 32 GB


GPU: –

OS: HiOS  based on Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Processor: 1.3GHz octa-core Processor(MediaTek )


Front: 13 MP Camera, 720p HD Video

Rear: 5MP

Features: Geotagging, Auto Flash, LED Flash


Built-in: Yes

Fast Charging: Yes

Talktime: up to 32 hours (3G)

Standby Time: up to 400 hours

Capacity: 3000 mAh Li-ion Battery




HSPA+: Yes

4G LTE: No


Wi-Fi Hotspot: Yes

WLAN: Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n


Infrared Blaster: No

Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth 4.0

FM Radio: Yes

3.5mm Jack: Yes

USB Port: Yes, microUSB 2.0

Dust Resistant: No

Water Resistant: No

Wireless Charging: No

SIM Type: Micro-SIM

SIM Count: Dual SIM, Dual Standby


G-Sensor: Yes

Light Sensor: Yes

Accelerometer: Yes

Digital Compass: Yes

Proximity Sensor: Yes

Fingerprint Scanner: Yes

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We hope this post on Tecno Spark k7 helps you decide whether to buy this phone or not.

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Samsung Galaxy S9+ Specs and Price in 2019

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (S9+) (6GB, 64GB ROM) Android 8.0 Oreo, 12MP + 8MP Dual SIM 4G Smartphone – Lilac Purple (Pre-Order + Free Wireless Charger) now available for preorder. This is a wide tech gadget that has been long waited for.

Now is the time to show off the quality of your selfies with the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Where to buy Samsung Galaxy S9+

Jumia Nigeria – See Lowest Price

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Specs and Features 2019


samsung galaxy s9+

    • Display: 6.2 Inch QHD
    • CPU: Octa-Core 2.8GHz + 1.7GHz
    • Memory: RAM 6GB, ROM 64GB; MicroSD slot Support
    • Camera: Rear 12MP, Front 8MP
    • Operating System: Android 8.0 Oreo


Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ Official Price in Nigeria (Jumia):

₦170,000 – ₦350,000

Check Lowest Price on Jumia

This is just another device to blow your mind following the recent iPhone X specifications and features.

Flexible features.


Camera is can adapt to any weather, temperature or cloud change.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (S9 +) smartphone takes the Android experience several notches higher with great added features different from other Android Devices. Featuring a super clear 6.2-inch Quad HD display that is perfect for video watching or game playing, the 6GB RAM ensures you can open multiple apps simultaneously with hassles and its internal memory can be increased with a microSD card. Running on the latest Android 8.0 Oreo operating system you have access to the latest apps and games, the 8MP front camera and 12MP rear shooter easily create a beautiful picture gallery and the 3,500 mAh battery ensures you’re not plagued with constant power depletion.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera completely turns your pictures to emoji. You make more fun on social media by adding funny emoji that will interest your friends to attract more likes, shares and comments. This is fun!

Now you shouldn’t say it, just show it. Express your emotions with AR emoji stickers on chats professionally without having to sign up for additional emoji apps.

Animated AR Emoji – Samsung Galaxy S9

You can now appear as a superstar by recording videos with your emoji. Do any actions through your emoji.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Specs, Prices and Features in Nigeria

Dimensions: 158.0 x 73.8 x 8.5 mm
Weight: 189 g
6.2″ Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960×1440)
529 ppi

*Infinity Display: a near bezel-less, full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen.*Default resolution is Full HD+ and can be changed to Quad HD+ in Settings.*Screen measured diagonally as a full rectangle without accounting for the rounded corners.


Front Camera

8MP AF sensor
Sensor size: 1/3.6″

Pixel size: 1.22m

Sensor ratio: 4:3

FOV: 80?F1.7 aperture Selfie focusSelfieWide selfie
Rear CameraFoodAuto/ProHyperlapsePanoramaSuper Slow-mo*Super Slow-mo only supports HD resolution. Limited to 20 shots per video with approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and 6 seconds of playback for each shot.

Wide-angle camera

Super Speed Dual Pixel

12MP AF sensor

Sensor size: 1/2.55″

Pixel size: 1.4m

Sensor ratio: 4:3

FOV: 77?

Dual Aperture: F1.5 mode/ F2.4 mode

Telephoto camera

12MP AF sensor

Sensor size: 1/3.4″

Pixel size: 1.0m

Sensor ratio: 4:3

FOV: 45?

F2.4 aperture

Dual camera

Dual OIS (Optical Image Stabilization)

Optical zoom at 2x

Digital zoom up to 10x

Live focus with bokeh filters (background blur effect)

Dual Capture

Front & Rear CameraVDIS (Video Digital Image Stabilization) AR Emoji, Grid lines, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Motion photo, Location tags, Full view, Filters, Timer, Floating camera button, Stamps, Quick launch*Apps that do not support animated GIFs may still send AR Emoji stickers as a still image.

Video Recording

4K video recording at 30 fps or 60fps

QHD video recording at 30 fps

1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps

720p HD video recording at 30 fps

Super Slow-mo video support 720p at 960 fps

Slow motion video support 1080p at 240 fps

Hyperlapse video support 1080p

VDIS (Video Digital Image Stabilization)

Digital zoom up to 8x (Galaxy S9) or up to 10x (Galaxy S9+)

High CRI LED Flash

Continuous autofocus video
Face detection

Tracking AF

Take 9.1-megapixel still photos while recording 4K video

Playback zoom

Video location tags
*Super Slow-mo only supports HD resolution. Limited to 20 shots per video with approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and 6 seconds of playback for each shot.

PerformanceAP10nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor *2.8GHz + 1.7GHz (Maximum Clock Speed, Performance Core + Efficiency Core)10nm 64-bit Octa-Core Processor *2.7GHz + 1.7GHz (Maximum Clock Speed, Performance Core + Efficiency Core)*May differ by country and carrier.




Network & ConnectivityEnhanced 4×4 MIMO/CA, LAA, LTE Cat.18

*May differ by country and carrier.
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac (2.4/5GHz), VHT80 MU-MIMO, 1024QAM
Bluetooth v5.0 (LE up to 2Mbps), ANT+, USB type-C, NFC, location (GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou)
*Galileo and BeiDou coverage may be limited. BeiDou may not be available for certain countries.

Operating System (OS)

Android 8.0 (Oreo)

AudioStereo speakers tuned by AKGSurround sound with Dolby Atmos technology (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus included)

Ultra High-Quality Audio Playback

UHQ 32-bit & DSD support PCM: Up to 32 bits

DSD: DSD64/128

*DSD64 and DSD128 playback can be limited depending on the file format.


Bluetooth dual Audio: connect two Bluetooth devices to the Galaxy S9 or S9+ to play audio through the two devices simultaneously.

*The two connected devices may exhibit a slight difference in sound output.

Scalable Codec: Enhanced Bluetooth connection under ambient radio frequency interference.

*Available only for certain accessories made by Samsung.
RecordingRecording quality is improved with the High AOP Mic that minimizes distortion in noisy environments.

*AOP: Acoustic Overload Point

Bundled Earphones

Pure sound tuned by AKG

Hybrid canal type

2way dynamic unit

VideoVideo Playback FormatsMP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM
TV ConnectionWireless: Smart View (Miracast 1080p at 30 fps, mirroring support available for devices supporting Miracast or Google Cast)

With cable: supports DisplayPort over USB type-C. Supports video out when connecting via HDMI Adapter (DisplayPort 4K 60 fps).

Water ResistanceIP68*Based on test conditions of submersion in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

BatteryBattery Capacity


Battery Life:

MP3 playback (AOD on): up to 54 hrs

MP3 playback (AOD off): up to 94 hrs

Video playback: up to 18 hrs

Talk time: up to 25 hrs

Internet use (Wi-Fi): up to 15 hrs

Internet use (3G): up to 13 hrs

Internet use (4G): up to 15 hrs

*Based on internal lab test condition. Actual battery life may vary depending on device model, usage pattern, other surrounding and environmental factors.

ExpandableMemory & SIM CardSingle SIM model: one Nano SIM and one MicroSD slot (up to 400GB)
Dual SIM model (Hybrid SIM slot): one Nano SIM and one Nano SIM or one MicroSD slot (up to 400GB)

*May differ by country and carrier.

*Availability of Dual SIM may vary by country and carrier.

*MicroSD card sold separately.

Water ResistanceIP68*Based on test conditions of submersion in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes.

Sensors & ButtonsSensorsIris sensorFingerprint sensor, HR sensor, Pressure sensor, Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Geomagnetic sensor, RGB Light sensor, Barometer, Hall sensorButtonsOn/Off keyVolume keyBixby key

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Lock type: pattern, PIN, password

Biometrics lock type: iris scanner, fingerprint scanner, face recognition

Intelligent scan: Combines iris scan and face recognition for convenient unlocking and in some cases provides enhanced security for certain authentication services.

Security and Malware Protection

Knox protection: real-time security monitoring and protection.

Virus, malware prevention (Powered by McAfee)

Secure Folder: a secure space on the device to keep content such as apps, photos, movies, and private files private using iris scanning or fingerprint scanning. *Virus and malware prevention solution providers may vary by country. Enjoy your new Smartphone

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I hope this samsung galaxy s9+ specs and price in Nigeria helps you decide and buy.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro Specs & Price in 2019

Want to know more about the Infinix Zero 5 Pro specifications and price on Jumia, Jiji, Slot, as well as other e-commerce sites in Nigeria?

Then we’ve got you covered!

Where to Buy Infinix Zero 5 Pro in Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria – See Lowest Price

Our Infinix zero 5 pro review outlines its pros and cons to enable you to make informed decisions after judging its features and limitations.

For starters, this smartphone is from the Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer, Infinix and it is the latest in the Zero Series.

It is also a successor to 2017’s Infinix zero 5 and 2016’s Infinix zero 4 and 4 plus.

A comparison of the Infinix zero 5 pro vs Infinix zero 5 specs shows that the former has maintained the same physical appearance, display, battery capacity, as well as camera resolutions of its predecessor.

On the other hand, its internal memory storage has been stepped up to meet the needs of those who like storing a lot of games, videos, and other data that tend to exhaust the memory space.

This and many more make the Pro a better option to the Zero 5.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro Availability

The Infinix Zero 5 Pro is available on Jumia, Kaymu, and Alieexpress.

If you’re in Nigeria, then you purchase the device from the aforementioned stores.

People living in Ghana and Kenya can buy it from online retail stores like Konga, Jumia, Ahonya, Kaymu, and Zooba.

Given that it’s been over a year since the phone was released, you should be able to find it in any local shop in your country.

Overview of  the Infinix Zero 5 Pro Features

Here’s a quick overview of the major features of this smartphone:

infinix zero 5 pro

Watch the Unboxing:

  • RAM: 6GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Battery: 4350 mAh
  • Connectivity: 4G LTE Data
  • Security: Fingerprint Sensor
  • Screen size: 5.98-inch IPS Display
  • Operating System: Android 7.0 (Nougat)
  • Screen Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels (368ppi)
  • Processor: 2.6GHz Octa-core MediaTek Helio P25 MT6753
  • Camera: 16MP Front Camera and 12MP + 13MP Dual Rear Cameras
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Infinix Zero 5 Pro Full Phone Review

The Infinix zero 5 pro full phone review will show you its hidden features which may be an added advantage or disadvantage to the smartphone.

Now, work with us and let’s show you what this smartphone has to offer.


The Zero 5 Pro’s display has a size of 5.98 inches which makes it neither too big nor small.

Thus, If you love phones with big screens, then this is a device for you.

Here’s why:

You can watch movies conveniently even from a distance.

If you’re also going to settle for this smartphone, then you should also be able to play games and type with ease as you chat on Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegram.

Alternatively, a disadvantage to this large screen is that you will have portability issues to deal with.

This is because it cannot be easily inserted it into a pocket to be carried about. It may not be up to 6 inches, but that doesn’t mean it’s small enough to be concealable.

But who wants a tiny phone anyway? if that’s not you, then let’s proceed!


When it comes to the screen resolution, what we found is a screen of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and a pixel density of 368PPI.

This Full HD resolution is quite good given the device’s moderate screen size which will ensure that the images, videos, and text you see are clear and rich in color.

Zoom in and you’ll still be able to get a decent level of picture quality.

You may as well view the screen from a distance and what you see won’t have a significant loss in color.

There’s a 2.5D curved glass on this smartphone’s screen which gives it a sleek look and nice round edges just like the iPhone.

This screen has also been protected with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to prevent it from scratching easily.

As a result, it can endure a certain number of falls depending on the height it slips from your hand or a table.

If you also tend to place your car keys in the same pocket as your phone, then this Gorilla screen will go a long way in preventing the screen from being marred and as such, using a screen protector won’t really be necessary.


This smartphone has a metallic build with a dimension of 166.38 x 82.38 x 7.95 mm and weight of 197g.

Its weight makes it light enough to be operated with for hours without feeling like you’re handling an extra load.

Keep in mind that while there are lighter smartphones you’ll find out there, its large screen size and battery capacity make the Pro one the few devices whose weight is around 190g.

You already know what you stand to gain with a metallic back cover which definitely tends to last longer than a plastic cover.

Therefore, this build is remarkable!

Are you a fashion enthusiast? then you can choose from one of the Infinix zero 5 pro colors which includes Champagne Gold, Bordeaux Red, Sandstone and Black.

That’s a lot to deal with hence, you don’t have to settle for Black or White as may be the case of some smartphones.

You may have realized at this point that there’s really no difference between the Infinix Zero 5 Pro and Zer0 5 in the aspect of their design.

The same build you’ll find on its predecessor is what this successor is still boasting of.


The Infinix Zero 5 Pro features a MediaTek Helio P25 chipset processor which has been tasked with the duty of enabling you to type, play games, browse the internet, and carry out other operations on your phone.

This octa-core processor has a speed of 2.6 GHz which determines how fast your tasks will be carried out. And the truth is, it’ll be pretty fast considering that there are some laptops that do not operate at this speed.

The Pro also comes with a RAM of 6GB that will enable you to carry out more than one task at the same time.

Hey, a device from 2017 with a 6GB is a big deal even in 2018.

It will allow you to play memory intensives games like FIFA and PES which tend to take a lot of space, without lags or hangs.

The same can be said when you open several tabs on your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera web browser.

In this case, you won’t need to refresh the webpage each time you minimize it, which is usually the problem with phones with 1GB or 2GB RAM.


The operating system of the Zero 5 Pro is Android 7.0 Nougat and there are expectations that in future, its users will be able to update the OS to the latest Android 8.0 Oreo.

Lest we forget, this phone also uses the  XOS 3.0, which is Infinix’s custom user interface.

Your ability to use your phone with ease and navigate through apps, documents, and files can be attributed to the OS and its user interface.

The same processor, RAM, and operating system of the Infinix Zero 5 has been maintained but there’s something that sets this smartphone apart from its base model.

Read on to find out!

The Infinix Zero 5 Pro comes with an internal memory capacity of 128GB. The memory can be expanded using a microSD card up to 128GB.

This differs from the Zero 5 which featured an inbuilt storage of 64GB.

Therefore, twice the amount of storage means you can store twice the content that its predecessor can contain.

If that isn’t remarkable, we wonder what is.


The Zero 5 Pro camera features include two cameras at its back which have a resolution of 12MP and 13MP respectively.

Judging from these resolutions, they can capture and produce images with high quality.

There is also a front camera whose resolution is 16MP and it is accompanied by a flash.

This will enable you to take high-quality selfies in places where the light is dim. As such, they’ll look decent enough to b uploaded to your social media accounts.


The Infinix zero 5 pro battery capacity is 4,350mAh battery and it is absolutely large enough to keep the phone power for at least 24 hours.

Whether you’re an average or high phone user who tends to work with their phone most of the day, you can be sure that the device will stay powered throughout the day, especially when you need it most.

Keep in mind that this battery is non-removable and it has the advantage of protecting the internal components of the phone.

Contrastingly, you might find it disturbing if you’re unable to just pull out the battery if the phone hangs or encounters a software issue which may be inevitable as the phone ages.


The 5 pro like most Infinix smartphones supports two SIMS.

It is also exciting to know that it does not use the same SIM space as the memory card.

If this was so, then you would’ve had to make a choice between using a memory card and a second SIM card.

Another feature that is worthy to note, is that this phone supports 4G LTE connectivity to enable you to browse and download at a fast speed once you’re in an area that supports this network standard.

In major cities in Nigeria, MTN, NTel, 9Mobile, Smile, and InterC all support 4G connectivity.

Other connectivity options of this smartphone include 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, FM, and Bluetooth.

There are also sensors like the Proximity, Ambient light, Accelerometer and Gyroscope to enhance your level of productivity.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro PRICE

The Infinix Zero 5 Pro price in Nigeria is between the range of ₦124,000 to ₦150,000.

In Kenya, its price is about 29,999 KSh.

However,  if you’re in another country, then make an estimate around $300 for this smartphone and then convert it to your local currency.


The Infinix Zero 5 Pro specifications and price show that it is a smartphone that can offer a high level of performance.

As a consequence, its price and quality features qualify it as a good choice for your money’s worth.

This midrange device is a competitor with others in the same range.

Its display screen is quite decent, cameras are great, and the large RAM size is one more thing you can look forward to.

We could go on and on in trying to show you why this is an exceptional smartphone, but the final decision lies with you given that it’s you’re hard earned money we’re talking about.

Therefore, our full review of the Infinix Zero 5 Pro specifications, price, and availability are all you need to get started on your next device.

Infinix Zero 5 Pro Full Phone Specification


Size: 5.98-inch

Type: IPS Display

Pixels Density: 368 PPI

Resolution: 1080 x 1920 pixels

Screen Protection: Corning Gorilla Glass 3


Weight: 206 g

Dimension: 166.38 x 82.38 x 7.95 mm

Colors: Champagne Gold, Bordeaux Red, Sandstone and Black



Built-in Storage: 128 GB

External Memory: Yes, up to 128 GB


GPU: Mali-T880 MP2

OS: Android 7.0 (Nougat)

Processor: 2.6GHz Octa-Core Processor (MediaTek Helio P25 MT6757)


Front: 16 MP Camera, LED Flash

Rear: 12MP + 13 MP Dual Camera, 1080p HD Video

Features: Geotagging, Auto Flash, Optical Zoom, Face detection, HDR, Panorama, LED Flash


Built-in: Yes

Fast Charging: Yes

Talktime: up to 32 hours (3G)

Standby Time: up to 400 hours

Capacity: 4350 mAh Li-Po Battery




HSPA+: Yes

4G LTE: Yes


Wi-Fi Hotspot: Yes

WLAN: Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Dual band, Wi-Fi Direct


Infrared Blaster: No

Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth 4.2

FM Radio: Yes

3.5mm Jack: Yes

USB Port: Yes, USB Type C

Dust Resistant: No

Water Resistant: No

Wireless Charging: No

SIM Type: Micro-SIM

SIM Count: Dual SIM, Dual Standby


Gyroscope: Yes

Light Sensor: Yes

Accelerometer: Yes

Digital Compass: Yes

Proximity Sensor: Yes

Fingerprint Scanner: Yes

The Infinix zero 5 pro is definitely the best of its kind at the moment.