What do you know about the Tecno L8 specifications, features, and price?

We’re guessing very little asides from its large battery capacity and long battery long life which you may have heard of.

While this is entirely true, there are several other reasons to back up this smartphone’s popularity in Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya.

Therefore our full review of the Tecno L8  features outlining its pros and cons will tell you why that is.

Where to Buy Tecno L8 in Nigeria

Jumia Nigeria – See Lowest Price

The Tecno L8 was released in April 2016, days after the launch of the Tecno W4.

This is the first smartphone in the L series; a series that screams large battery capacity.

You’ll find the Tecno L8 Lite, L8 Plus, L9, and L9 plus as members of this series and what do they all have in common? A battery that will is at least 4000mAh or well over 5,000mAh.

Unarguably, this is a close contender with Gionee’s marathon series.

These brands may be competing with themselves to gain more customers in Africa, but it’s all working in our favor. This is because we stand to get better smartphones at an inexpensive price in comparison with what was obtainable years ago.

When it comes to the L8, there are so many things that make it a remarkable device and these are the things which we wouldn’t have batted an eyelid to if a more expensive smartphone was sporting the same build, design, camera, and battery capabilities.

Therefore, this smartphone is worth the extra attention it has garnered so far.

But then, you’ll need a little bit more convincing than that, that’s why we’ll show you every Tecno L8 detail that will either leave you impressed as we are, or give you second thoughts.

Tecno L8 Availability

The Tecno L8 is available for purchase in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Ethiopia, and other African countries.

In each of these countries, retail stores based online and offline can cater to your needs. Some of them include Jumia, Konga, Juji, OLX, and Slot.

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In the case of a brand new Tecno L8, Jumia and Konga would be the first shops to check out.

Jiji and OLx, on the other hand, have made provision for second-hand smartphones if that’s what you’re looking out for.

Overview of  the Tecno L8 Features

Tecno L8

Here’s a quick overview of the major features of this smartphone:

  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Battery: 5050 mAh
  • Connectivity: 3G  Data
  • Security: Password
  • Screen size: 5.5-inch IPS Display
  • Operating System: Android 5.1 (Lollipop)
  • Screen Resolution: 720 x 1280 pixels (267PPI)
  • Processor: 1.3Ghz Quad-core MediaTek Processor
  • Camera: 2MP Front Camera and 8MP Rear Camera


Tecno L8 Full Phone Review

This Tecno L8 full review has covered important aspects of the smartphone which determines its level of performance.

These are the display, build, drivers, camera, battery as well as its connectivity options.

So, sit back and get yourself equipped with this valuable piece of information.


The Tecno L8’s IPS display has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 267 PPI.

These specs are fitted into a screen whose size is 5.5 inch and it makes one of the most portable smartphones out there.

An HD resolution instead of an FHD can still present objects in vivid and clear quality with some good color reproduction.

This is because the screen is not so large and so pixels will tend to concentrate on a smaller surface area.

At that pixel density, it is on the average given that your eyes can only detect colors to a certain pixel density, let’s say something over 400 PPI.

Other than pictures that your eyes will appreciate, the screen’s build is very solid. It does not use a Gorilla screen but its strength is remarkable.

We’ve had this phone fall a couple of times and the screen was still intact. This makes it less fragile than even the screen on the Infinix Hot 4.

If there was a wager to land the Infinix Hot  4 face down and the L8 from the same height, we’d confidently say that the L8 will survive.

We don’t know the degree of effort and the premium material Tecno Mobile may have put into building this screen, but it’s a good one to point out.


We’ll say this quick, the Tecno L8’s body is made from plastic, but don’t write it off just yet.

This plastic can be easily confused with metal not unless you go ahead and open the back cover yourself.

Why is that?

The body gives off a shine especially if it’s the gold color you settle for.

This build like the screen is also very solid. Think of it as those olden days Nokia phones which you could just throw anywhere and still be sure that they will still work when you pick it up.

Therefore, this is not a smartphone that needs to be pampered, it is sturdy and is prepare for the good and harsh times you may supress it to.

The Tecno L8 dimension is 154 x 77.5 x 8.85 mm and its weight is 135g. The truth is, while it may be a moderately sized smartphone, it does weigh a lot for a small guy.

You should have expected this already gieven its large battery and sturdy build. Nevertheless, you can fit the L8 into your pocket, wallet, or walk around with it with ease.


The Tecno L8 RAM size is 1GB which is really not something most users will be excited about.

We’ve tested this RAM’s level of performance and we can tell you that it will allow you to carry out simple operations like watching videos, texting, gaming, and browsing with ease.

The only problem is, you may experience difficulties while trying to perform all these operations at the same time which will all be competing for memory space.

It may be a computer, but it has been programmed to do a certain level of work and as such, giving it more load than it can carry is where you will notice lags and hangs.

Tabs on web browsers like Chrome will refresh when you maximize and if you’re fond of opening 5 to 6 at the same time, then you should be ready that each will be refreshed on relaunching them

Phones like the Gionee M5 Plus with a 3GB RAM will hold these tabs in memory even after rebooting the smartphone.

So, do you get a clear picture of what we’re driving at?

For its budget friendly price, this is one aspect you may have to turn a blind eyes to especially if you’re not a heavy user.

You also get a 16GB internal storage on this smartphone to save your pictures, videos, songS, PDF documents and other files.

There’s also room for expansion using a micro SD card whose size is up to 128GB.

Now that’s a lot of free space just waiting to be filled with valuable content.


The Tecno L8 performance is also dependent on a Quad-core processor with a speed of 1.3Ghz.

These four cores will specialize in carrying out their individual tasks such as handling memory and power.

The mode of operation is fast and so actions will be performed as soon as you set them in motion. Click on apps, launch games, play movies and there won’t be problems.

The Tecno L8 Android version is 5.1 lollipop and it is based on Tecno’s HIOS custom user interface.

While this OS is lagging behind when one considers that there are newer versions like the 6.0 Marshmallow, 7.0 Nougat, and 8.0 Oreo, you should be able o update the OS by tweaking the phone’s ROM.

But let’s not put down the Lollipop, several high-end smartphones are also powered by it and there are rooms for an update and so, it is not a do or die affair.

Our recommendation is, use it as it is and avoid installing a custom ROM since we’ve had several people seek for a solution to the Tecno L8 dead after flash problem.


You’ll find an 8MP camera at the L8’s back and a 2MP camera on its front, each of which can produce decent quality pictures.

The front camera tends to optimize pictures especially if they are taken with considerable light entering the sensor, and so, you can expect pictures that are decent enough to grace your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

Remember, it’s not all about the value on paper you should be looking at because we can tell you that this phone processes images better than some more expensive smartphone sporting a 5MP camera on the front.

There is no flashlight on the front camera, but the rear camera of the L8 features one. Other specs you’ll find include autofocus, Geo-tagging, panorama, and HDR.


For the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the notable L8’s battery life. The hype over this smartphones’ battery capacity of 5050mAh is real.

We can confidently tell you that this battery is not just about numbers, but it can last over two days.

No, you don’t have to charge it every day because a single charge will run down very slowly even if you tend to leave your Wifi on.

So, there’s no reason to expect a battery problem on the Tecno L8  not unless you’ve degraded the battery with a faulty charger or the phone’s internal components have been tampered with during repair.

Hey, a faulty charging port can also cause a lot of problems in phones, so as long as it’s a brand new phone you’re getting, then it can last.

There’s even a battery saving mode that can be activated just by clicking on the side button located at the phone’s left corner.

But be careful, pressing this button by mistake while you’re doing some work on the phone will launch this battery saving mode where all applications will be closed.

Here’s how to open back cover on Tecno L8:

  • Hold the phone on your left hand with the screen facing your palm
  • Use your other hand to apply a bit of pressure on the lower back cover of the phone where the speaker is located.
  • Now push the cover down in the director the speaker where a small triangle has been displayed.

This will slide the cover upwards and reveal its non-removable battery.


The Tecno L8 specs reveal that it is a dual SIM smartphone that supports a micro sim and a regular SIM that has not been cut out.

You’ll need to open the back cover to insert them and as such, you don’t have to deal with the problem earliest Infinix Zero smartphones came with when trying to remove the SIMs from a tray by the side.

Other connectivity options of this phone include  FM radio, micro USB, Wifi, GPS, and USB OTG.

Is Tecno L8 4G enabled? No, it isn’t. This smartphone makes use of 2G and 3G to enable users to wirelessly connect to the internet.

Tecno L8 Price

The Tecno L8 price in Nigeria is around ₦30,000 to ₦45,000 and it’ll tend to vary depending on whether you purchase it online, offline, brand new, or fairly used.

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The price of this smartphone in Kenya is around KSh 11,000 and the same applies for where you buy it and which type you settle for.

If you’re in another country, all you have to do is convert $80 to your country’s fiat currency and you’ll be able to know the price range of this phone.


For a budget-friendly smartphone, the Tecno L8 specifications and features are not a let down because it can serve you well especially when you need it most.

And you know where we’re headed, that’s the battery aspect.

Asides its battery, we also love it for its solid build which gives it an edge when it comes to durability.

So, do you want a smartphone that can provide a long battery life while also standing the test of time?

Then, you may want to pay a close attention to another member of Tecno’s L Series.

Tecno L8 Full Phone Specification


Size: 5.5-inch

Type: IPS Display

Pixels Density: 267 PPI

Resolution:  720 x 1280 pixels

Screen Protection: NO


Weight: 135g

Dimension: 154 x 77.5 x 8.85 mm

Colors: Champagne Gold



Built-in Storage: 16 GB

External Memory: Yes, up to 128 GB


GPU: –

OS: Android 5.1 (Lollipop)

Processor: 1.3GHz Quad-Core MediaTek Processor


Front: 2 MP

Rear: 8MP Camera

Features: LED Flash, Autofocus, Geo-tagging, panorama


Built-in: Yes

Talktime: –

Standby Time: –

Capacity: 5050 mAh Li-ion Battery




HSPA+: Yes

4G LTE: No


Wi-Fi Hotspot: Yes

WLAN: Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n


Infrared Blaster: No

Bluetooth: Yes, Bluetooth 4.0

FM Radio: Yes

3.5mm Jack: Yes

USB Port: Yes, micro USB 2.0

Dust Resistant: No

Water Resistant: No

Wireless Charging: No

SIM Type: Micro-SIM

SIM Count: Dual SIM, Dual Standby


Gyroscope: No

Light Sensor: Yes

Accelerometer: Yes

Digital Compass: No

Proximity Sensor: Yes

Fingerprint Scanner: No

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